Brendon Tod

Brendon Tod

Founding Director and Proactive’s CEO

Originally from rural Central Hawkes Bay, Brendon started his “Proactive” journey with a clear vision that health and rehabilitation in New Zealand needed to be done differently. Brendon’s leadership and drive has helped to shape the aspects of Proactive that make it a leader in our sector – health professionals from different disciplines integrating to ensure we are able to meet the needs of clients; a service that aims to partner with a client through their journey and focusses on wellbeing; a service that a service that is pro-equity in nature and working to remove accessibility barriers to those who need it the most; and an organisation that never sits still and is constantly looking for ways to improve what it does.

With a background in Clinical Exercise Physiology, Brendon holds a degree in Physical Education (Exercise Science), a BSc (Physiology), a post graduate diploma in Sports Medicine and is a graduate from Harvard’s Disruptive Strategy Programme. Leveraging from this background, Brendon champions a data led approach to ensure that services evolve in a way that are person centred and provide value to both individual clients and the systems that fund healthcare services.

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