Biomechanical Analysis

You don’t have to be an elite athlete to get treated like one! 

Optimise your ability to function through the day – your work, daily activity, sport performance and overall quality of life will leap ahead with an understanding of your body’s biomechanical make-up. 

Why do I need a biomechanical analysis? 

Your biomechanical analysis will be conducted by one of our expert team of Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists.  The analysis has a goal of understanding how you currently move with a view to optimising your movement for your life needs.   

You may be wanting to optimise performance to achieve a PB, or look to prevent injuries for the upcoming sport season, you may just want to increase a particular area of your function – say flexibility.   

All of these reasons and more are why people choose our biomechanical analysis to learn their body’s strengths, and to work on the weaknesses. 

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What is a biomechanical analysis? 

Our biomechanical analysis starts off with an assessment of your static posture using state-of-the-art assessment equipment.  Once we have picked up vital information about how your body is put together, and its’ structure may have been impacted by past or current injuries, we then move onto the movement component. 

Your expert clinician has been trained to assess you moving through different movements called movement patterns.  Depending on your needs these may include the following: 

  • Squat 
  • Lift/hinge 
  • Push 
  • Pull 
  • Lunge 
  • Gait – run or walk 

Through a deep understanding of physiology and biomechanics your clinician will break down your performance in these movement patterns and dig deeper into muscle sling performance, joint complex stability, mobility and strength as well as how you best learn to pick up new ways of moving. 

What’s next? 

Once we both understand your starting point and desired goals we can move onto developing a plan in conjunction with you to attain them.  This may be in the form of a corrective exercise programme, paying attention to specific areas of weakness.   

The outcome is a stronger, more resilient you, able to perform at higher levels. 

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