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Proactive is proud to sponsor talented athletes in the community. Each of our athletes embodies the spirit behind the Four Corners of Health approach to injury recovery and rehabilitation; incorporating a balance and focus on rest, nutrition, mindset and physical function in their training and their lives.


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Karen Toulmin was a 30-year-old mother managing the family’s 211ha sheep and beef property in Hawke’s Bay when she took up Triathlons in 2014. After dominating the amateur age group events, she was granted Professional Endorsement by Triathlon New Zealand in 2017, and is quickly building a reputation as one of Australasia’s top performing professional athletes.

By integrating her training with her farming, she has been able to create a unique training regimen that allows her to build her strength, power and endurance while fitting in life as a busy farm owner.



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Gentiane “AAA” Lupi is a full time, professional fighter. Gentiane picked up the sport of Muay Thai boxing at the age of 37 and is a great believer that you’re never too old to start something new. She has won 25 fights out of 30, across 3 codes, and gained a number of titles including Kickboxer of the Year 2014, NZ Pro Boxing Featherweight Title , NZ World  Muay Thai Council Welterweight Champion and  NZ WKBF middleweight Champion, and  winner of two four women tournaments.  But her greatest achievement was this year becoming the W.I.B.A SuperBantamweight World Champion. Gentiane fights out of the Muay Thai Institute in Wellington, New Zealand. She is also a mother of 3 and her kids are among her proudest and loudest supporters.


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Ngarama Milner-Olsen has been a representative athlete for over a decade, playing representative netball for Wellington and professional stints with the Capital Shakers and Pulse netball teams. After retiring from netball, Nga tried her hand at triathlon and quickly became addicted to the sport. The transition from Netball to triathlon surpassed her early expectations. What initially was an attempt to find a fitness outlet after the rigours of playing top level netball has turned out to be a moment of self discovery. Nga demonstrated an underlying talent for competing in the multi-disciplined sport of triathlon, which she thoroughly enjoys. Nga is also founder of Mobile Fitness Solutions, a health and fitness business that specialises in triathlon training, coaching and mentoring high level athletes from a range of sports. In 2015, Nga competed in the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships in Sweden and achieved a bronze medal for her efforts. Her current goal is bettering her sub 11 hour time for the 2016 Ironman New Zealand.


AhmadHi! My name is Ahmad Mohammadi. I currently live and play at Olé Football Academy and Western Suburbs Football Club. I am 17 years old and come from Auckland. I play attacking left wing. My favourite footballer is Neymar, I have been to the Under 17 FIFA World Cup in Chile last year with NZ Football. I go to Tawa College and am in year 13. I aim to get great marks in school and hope to go to a good university in the United States in the future. I look forward to showing the staff at Proactive how to play like Neymar!

Proactive are sponsoring the Olé Football Academy fees for these talented young Footballers as part of a community support programme.



Callum2Hello. I am Callum McCowatt, I am from Olé Football Academy and I play for Western Suburbs. Last year, I was lucky enough to play in the Under 17 FIFA World Cup for New Zealand in which we travelled to Chile and played against some world class competition including teams like France and Brazil. Last year, Proactive gave a great presentation on diet and nutrition to the academy. It has changed the way we eat! I am a big fan of scrambled eggs with capsicum.

Proactive are sponsoring the Olé Football Academy fees for these talented young Footballers as part of a community support programme.



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