About Proactive


About Proactive

Proactive was founded in 1999 on the premise that injury treatment and rehabilitation in New Zealand could be done a whole lot better than it was. We envisaged providing a recovery service to Kiwis that considered the whole person, not just the injury. We wanted to offer Kiwis a recovery pathway that would take them all the way from the set-back of the injury, to return to activities that were important to them; and that offered them the opportunity to prevent future injury or improve their overall wellbeing..

21 Years later and we are truly there. We provide a range of recovery and wellbeing services to Kiwis of all walks of life across New Zealand. We have one of New Zealands largest teams of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Medical Specialists, Psychologists, Exercise Physiologists, Nurses and Vocational Consultants. So whether your setback is due to a physical injury, a concussion, persistent pain or ongoing fatigue; we have the experience, the expertise and the services that will help you to get back on your feet, and to thrive.

Our Approach

We understand that his can never be a one path fits all approach. So we strive to really get your needs, and to provide expert and holistic rehabilitation services that meet those needs. Our Four Corners of Health™ Approach integrates the best of physical treatment and rehabilitation, with lifestyle advice and coaching to help you to adopt a mindset that challenges your status quo with a view to overcome the obstacles that you are faced with. 

But we also get that its not just about the service that we provide. It is also about how we engage and involve you in the process. Our team are trained to help you to understand your injury, the recovery process, and the importance of what you eat, how you move, sleep and your mindset in helping you to recover and to thrive. We engage you in the process in a way that is natural, without getting hung up on medical language, and we make sure that we are proactive – we consider all of the options that will help you to recover safer, faster and more completely. 

Our Commitment to Equity

Proactive helps more than 50 000 Kiwis to get back on their feet every year. We get that New Zealand is diverse, and made up of people from all walks of life. With this in mind we strive to provide a service that is accessible to all. When embarking on a journey with Proactive, you can expect to be working with an organisation that is Powhiri (open and welcoming), Pono (provided with openness and transparency), connected to your community (whakapapa) and acknowledges the importance of your spiritual beliefs (wairua). Our service delivery is bespoke, and wrapped around your needs.

Services that meet Your Needs

Managing your injury – Knowing what to do about an injury is the first problem that many people face once they have hurt themselves. Our Physiotherapy service will get you back on track early by assessing the severity of the injury, treating your injury and helping you to get back to sports, recreation, work or day to day activities. Physiotherapy services are also important in recovery from surgery, and are used before surgery to help ensure you get the best results possible. Over a course of around 7 physiotherapy sessions, most people report a large reduction in pain levels, they are able to return to pre-injury activities and have an injury prevention programme in place which helps them to avoid reinjury. 

Managing a Concussion – Proactive is one of New Zealand’s largest providers of Concussion Rehabilitation Services. If you still have issues 10 days following a head injury, you will be able to access our rehabilitation and medical specialists who have expertise in helping clients to recover from concussion. More than 90% of our clients experience significant improvement in their concussion from the service, and further support is available for those who require ongoing rehabilitation.

Getting back to work – Work is a big part of our life, and injury can leave our employment and financial status on shaky ground. Proactive’s Vocational Rehabilitation Services help people get back to work safely and early, minimising the uncertainty that time off work brings. We work with you, your employer and others involved in your rehabilitation to devise a plan that will empower you both to keep you enjoying the benefits of work. Our Vocational Rehabilitation Service supports more than 3000 kiwis back to work every year.

Dealing with Persistent Pain – Following injury or illness, coping with persisting pain can be one of the biggest challenges that you face. Everybody experiences pain differently, and pain that persists can have a wide range of different causes. Our Pain Management service is provided by a team of clinical experts who can help you to take back control of the things that are important to you. The majority of clients accessing Pain Management Services experience a reduction in the way that pain interferes with their lives.

A Recovery Mindset – Lets face it – our mindset is a big part of who we are, and can play a big role in our recovery from any setbacks. Proactive integrates Clinical Psychology into many of the services that it provides. This will ensure that a service is holistic and setting you up for the best possible chance to transform your injury into an opportunity to thrive. Our Clinical Psychology Services can also be accessed as a stand alone service.

Specialist Medical Advice – Sometimes injuries are more serious or complex than originally thought, and specialist medical input is required. Proactive has a team of Occupational Physicians who can provide expert assessment of your injury and your rehabilitation needs. We also have close links with Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Specialists who can assist in decision making around the need for surgery or other specialist interventions.

Community and Social Rehabilitation – Serious Injury requires specialist input. Proactive’s Community and Social Rehabilitation holistically assesses your needs, then works with you to formulate a rehabilitation and support plan that can help you to live your best possible life. This service can also incorporate specialist assessments that ensure your home is suitibally accessible, or – for wheelchair users – your wheelchair set up is optimised. 

Stay healthy at work – Work plays a huge part in our health. Proactive’s Occupational Health and Wellbeing services link into workplaces to help employers to take steps to keep their employees healthy and thriving. 

Our Linkages

Over 21 years, Proactive has established linkages with other healthcare providers, into community groups and with Government Organisations. Working collaboratively across sectors means that Proactive has well established referral pathways to help our clients access the services that they need. It also means that we are able to work collaboratively to help shape the improvements that we need to see in the health sector.

Proactive is part of the Evolution Group – this means that we have close working relationships with some of New Zealand’s most well regarded Private Hospitals, specialist psychology and wellbeing service Re-Centre and that we work closely with a range of health and medical specialists.

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