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1. Promoting workplace health keeps people at work

It’s a simple enough principle, but research shows us that when workplace health is a priority, people stay at work. Maybe an office-wide yoga session isn’t your thing; that’s ok! Workplace health can be as simple as improving someone’s workstation. If they are comfortable and well set up at their desk, they are far less likely to be injured or to have stress related disorders.

2. It’s simple

Sometimes the words we hear from the health industry sound confusing. “Comprehensive workstation assessments” or “ergonomic evaluations” may sound like another language, but actually, it comes down to simple stuff.

Often all someone needs is a screen at a slightly different height, a small change to their desk layout, or a fresh pair of eyes to identify a tweak to their workstation. It’s a quick assessment, but it can bring a long-lasting and positive change.

3. Times are changing

How we work, how we communicate and how we live are constantly evolving. Most of us can’t live without our phones. We insist on being able to communicate constantly, with much of our socialising taking place online. And if you ate a meal and didn’t post a pic on Instagram… did it really happen?

This close proximity to technology has dramatic effects on our posture and our health. We simply weren’t designed to sit at an office for 8 hours a day and then spend countless further hours sitting in front of a screen at night. These positions have a variety of harmful effects on our health. We need to be able to change our workstation, and change our habits to break up these long periods in unhelpful positions.

The reality is: we are all different. Some of us function best whilst sitting. Some of us prefer to stand. Some of us work best when we are not at work. As times continue to change, our workplace health needs to adapt. Making simple changes at work through a workplace assessment leads to a healthier and happier workplace.

Chris Lawrence
Proactive Occupational Physiotherapist

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