Concussion Services*

  • Brain injury assessment and triage
  • Specialist Medical Assessments
  • Multidisciplinary concussion rehabilitation

*Wellington and Auckland Regions Only

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

  • Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy
  • Pre and post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Injury Prevention and exercise rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Workplace Assessment
  • Stay at Work Programmes
  • Workplace Injury Triage Assessments
  • Pre-employment Screening

Community-Based Rehabilitation

  • Multidisciplinary Community Rehabilitation Services aimed at restoring a patient’s function, ability to engage in activities of daily living and participate in meaningful activity

Pain Management

  • Risk Screening
  • Multidisciplinary Pain Management
  • Specialist Medical Input



Neuropsychology & Psychology

  • Neuropsychology Assessments
  • Clinical Psychology Services
  • Counselling



  • Wheelchair and Seating Assessments
  • Housing Modification Assessments
  • Social Rehabilitation Needs Assessments




The Four Corners of Health: Nutrition, Mindset, Sleep and Physical Activity form the foundation of our health. This is relevant whether recovering from illness our injury, working to improve our wellbeing, or looking to optimise performance. For this reason, we have adopted the Four Corners of Health Approach in delivering our services. This helps to empower clients to take ownership of their function, their health and their wellbeing, leading to better, more sustainable outcomes.

Engaged with the shared needs of both clients and ACC. With nearly 20 years experience in providing services to ACC, Proactive understands that helping our shared clients to achieve independence early, safely and sustainably is in the best interests of everyone. Proactive works towards these shared goals in a positive manner, aiming for the client to have a transformational experience.

To achieve this, we understand the importance of working with Case Managers and other healthcare providers as part of the Rehabilitation Team.

 Integrated Pathways of Care: Many individuals suffering injury require more than just one clinical service or skill set to help them to recover and restore function. Often, the services required to meet these needs have to be pulled together from a range of providers with little coordination between the services provided. With a big multidisciplinary team, Proactive can wrap skill sets and services around a client with a view of meeting their needs at the right time. This prevents service delays, fragmentation and repeated assessments, leading to an enhanced client experience with better and more efficient outcomes.

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