Proactive DNAFit PLUS


Product Description

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Try this DNA test & guide your fitness and nutrition in 2018, or buy a kit for a friend as a thoughtful Christmas gift!

Use code ‘ xmasdna ‘ when you order online – Order your DNAFit test today!

The Proactive DNAFit PLUS package includes the DNAFit Collection Kit, a comprehensive fitness and diet report based on your genetics, and a one hour one-on-one consultation with a Proactive DNAFit Certified Consultant who will go through the results with you.

Your consultation is available in clinic or by Skype. Once you have placed your order, we will be in touch with you to courier out your DNAFit Collection Kit.

Your comprehensive Proactive DNAFit PLUS report covers the following:

Fitness report

  • Power and Endurance Response
  • Post-Exercise Recovery Profile
  • Injury Risk Profile
  • Aerobic Trainability (VO2 Max)
  • Recovery Nutrition Needs

Diet report

  • Ideal Diet Guide and Education
  • Carbohydrate and Saturated Fat Response
  • Lactose Intolerance & Coeliac Risk
  • Genes associated with Detoxification Ability
  • Genes associated with Antioxidant Needs
  • Genes associated with Vitamin & Micronutrient Need
  • Salt, Caffeine & Alcohol Sensitivity

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