KRE-ALKALYN 860mg ENERGY ATP Energy – 120 Caps


Product Description

GO Kre-Alkalyn 860mg Energy – designed to improve exercise performance, increase muscle mass and give maximum energy support.

Corner: Function & Mindset
Shown to improve ATP and energy recovery in intense bouts of exercise> Shown to reduce cortisol levels and improve level of anabolism promoting tissue growth and repair. Has also been shown to improve cognitive functions – especially concentration

Transformational Phases
May be helpful in supporting the Recovery phase with a view to improving anabolic state and muscle repair. Use in the resilience and performance phases to support physical performance – especially in short duration high intensity activities. More and more being used by corporate athletes as a nootropic with a view to improve cognitive function.

Kre-Alkalyn (860mg)

Dose: Men: 2-4 VegeCaps daily Women: 1-3 VegeCaps daily. Best taken in the morning with or without food.



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