HEALTHY MOOD SUPPORT, L Theanine 400mg – 60 Caps


Product Description

“GO Healthy Mood Support – supports good mood, relaxation, calming and helps to chill out over-stimulation caused by caffeine and stress, while also supporting mental clarity and focus without drowsiness.

Corner: Sleep    
L Theanine has been shown to increase GABBA – an inhibitory neurotransmitter. I can help reduce anxiety and is effectively used as a nootropic to help improve focus and creativity.

Transformational Phases    

Dose: Adults: Take 1 VegeCap daily. During times of extra stress, anxiety or panic feelings, such as flying, interviews, exams public speaking you can increase the dose to 2 VegeCapsules a day maximum. Best taken in between meals, on an empty stomach.”

L-Theanine (400mg)

Q: I am going overseas and anxious about flying. Will this product help?
A: GO Healthy Mood Support provides support for those who are nervous and anxious about flying. In this case the dose can be increased to 2 capsules before flying to help ease frazzled nerves.

Q: What can I expect from this product?
A: A feeling of calm and relaxation.

Q: What is L-Theanine?
A: L-Theanine is an amino acid.

Q: Is this product supplied in a VegeCapsule?
A: Yes! GO Healthy Mood Support is supplied in a VegeCapsule.


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